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Market Updates

Happy Spring Market!!

Hey everyone!

I hope you and yours are all keeping well as we crawled out of that deep freeze! Warmer weather and brighter (longer) days are ahead!

I continue to be amazed at all your kind and generous referrals. Thank you for continuing to think of us whenever someone asks about real estate or the market. I’ve chatted with many of your friends, parents, cousins twice removed, and random people you yelled at on the internet. THANK YOU again for all your continued support! 🙏

Some of the awesome people I get to help…

My monthly SHOUT OUTS go to:

  • Ryley and Sarah – it was a LONG road but you did it! I can’t wait to see what that property looks like all renovated!
  • Ryan and Mackenzie – Have fun in your new infill property (your cool points just shot up by about 27 😎)
  • Scott and Shae – I can’t wait to go for a walk by your new place right next to the river!

“How’s the market?”

Sales jumped AGAIN 52% this February over last February!

Sales continue to soar in Edmonton, St. Albert, and surrounding areas.

Let me tell you a little story… #StoryTimeWIthKevin

I had some wonderful clients who were looking for a home recently. This wonderful little family found a great property within 24 hours of it being listed, we went for a viewing and submitted an offer. The issue was, so did a few other people! In preparing their offer a coach them to send along a photo of their family looking so cute, as well as a story about how much they would love to live in the home and raise their family there. The seller of the home looked at all the offers, and unfortunately ours was the lowest. HOWEVER, I called the agent personally, had a great conversation with him, and presented my clients offer along with the story. He and the seller were so impressed that they decided they wanted to work with my great clients rather than with the other offers that were higher. In the end, my clients got the home for less than the other offers!!

The moral of the story is this, it pays to be prepared and have a good advice when you’re in a hot market like this.

Whether you’re buying or selling, being prepared is key. You can read more on my site about the things to do for buyers and sellers 🙂

Last month’s prices for Edmonton and Area:
– Single Family (SF) prices are UP 2.4% year over year to $438,000
– Condos prices are UP 8.4% year over year to $231,000 

A look at inventory levels: SELLER’S MARKET 
Total Inventory sits at 5.654 properties for sale, DOWN 17.6% from last year
Total Sales for last month were 1,600, up 52% from last year!
Days on Market for single family homes sits at 48

Months of Inventory are 3.5 months of inventory.
We are sitting in a seller’s market (anything under 4 months is a seller’s market)

I’m trying some video out…let me know what you think! 🙂

Welcome the daylight! 😎

Thanks again for all your support and don’t forget daylight savings time this weekend 😉

All my best,
Kevin Machado