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Lacombe Park

Lacombe Park

Lacombe Park is a large neighbourhood in central St. Albert. It is characterized by being a community with something for everyone: a choice of housing styles (single family, townhouse, duplex, condo), a plethora of parks and greenspaces, schools and commercial services. Elementary, junior high and high schools are located within the community.

The largest neighbourhood in St. Albert, Lacombe Park has ~7,500 residents with a median age of 42.10. The majority of the residents live in single detached homes and the average house price is in the $500,000s.

St. Albert Transit (StAT) services Lacombe Park with weekday local routes, access to weekday commuter routes to Edmonton, and Dial A Bus.

About Lacombe Park

Year Developed: 1970s

Type of homes: Single-Family Homes, Apartment, Townhomes, Condos

Parks in the area:  Leveque, Lachance, Lacombe Lake Park, LaFleur, Larkspur, LaRose, Langley, Liberton, Langholm

Schools in the Area

  • Elementary: Albert Lacombe Catholic School, Ronald Harvey, Bertha Kennedy Catholic School, Muriel Martin, Robert Rundle, Wild Rose
  • Secondary: William D. Cuts
  • High School: Bellerose Composite High, St. Albert Public Outreach High School, Paul Kane (for French immersion only)


  • Lacombe Lake Dog Park
  • Lacombe Lake Park: fishing, walking, cycling, picnics and skating
  • Variety of parks, greenspace and walking trails that connect to the Lacombe Lake Park and Red Willow Park trail
  • Located near many historical sites: St. Albert Grain Elevators, Father Lacombe Chapel, Little White School House


St. Albert’s late century building boom was one of the reasons for the rapid development of Lacombe Park, but despite the need for quick expansion, the neighbourhood was very thoughtfully planned. A true community for everyone, residents have easy access to everything they need for daily life, from a variety of home styles to schools, access to nature, and commercial services.

Building started in 1970 with the first schools arriving in 1976 and 1978. Lake Lacombe Park was completed in 1975, and quickly became a popular destination for the entire city. Construction slowed but continued in the 1980s, and then nearly came to a standstill in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, there are recent plans for further development along Lacombe Park’s western edge, ensuring once again that there is room for anyone that wants to live Lacombe Park.

A beautiful, welcoming community full of amenities, services, well planned out lots and roads, and plenty of nature, it’s no wonder that Lacombe Park is the most populous neighbourhood in St. Albert.