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Deer Ridge

Deer Ridge

The neighbourhood of Deer Ridge is aptly named because its northern edge borders Villeneuve Road, the boundary between developed lots and lush farm space. Those on the north side of the community overlook fields of green, but those on interior don’t have to go far to get close to nature. With plenty of parks and three schools, this neighbourhood is perfect for young families that want to live on the city’s edge.

Deer Ridge is one of the larger neighbourhoods in St. Albert with a population of ~5,985. The average age is 38.60. As the families that settled here early have children that are growing up and moving on to new adventures outside of the city, the average age of Deer Ridge is expected to shift upwards in the coming decades.

Most of Deer Ridge features low density residential housing with two smaller areas zoned for medium density. Commercial services are concentrated on the eastern side. The current average house price in Deer Ridge is $399,900.

St. Albert Transit (StAT) services Deer Ridge with weekday local routes, access to weekday commuter routes to Edmonton, and Dial A Bus.

About Deer Ridge

Development began: 1980s

Type of homes: Single Family Homes

Parks in the area: Dorchester, Deer Ridge Park, Daulton, Deerbourne Drive

Schools in the Area

  • Elementary: Muriel Martin Elementary School; J.J. Nearing Catholic Elementary School
  • Junior: William D. Cuts
  • Secondary: Bellerose Composite High School, St. Albert Public Outreach High School, Paul Kane (for French immersion only)


  • Family friendly
  • Borders the edge of town
  • Includes commercial services
  • Largely comprised of single-family homes
  • A newer neighbourhood


Like the many children in this neighbourhood, Deer Ridge is a community that grew up. In the early 80s, the plans called for Deer Ridge to be a smaller neighbourhood, but the ideal location, and the fact that the area’s schools made the community popular for young families meant the borders would later be expanded beyond the original plans. With the expansion, development took place from 1982 all the way into the 2000s.

Currently, Deer Ridge is one of the youngest neighbourhoods for two reasons – the average median age and the fact that development has only recently finished. It looks like the location of being close to farmland yet being right in the city is a combination that is difficult to beat for the thousands of people that call Deer Ridge home.